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April 1, 2018 Shine Wash Karnal 0


Shine Wash Karnal is a “REVOUTION” in automobile cleaning and detailing market. If you are still in doubt that Shine Wash Karnal  is only about “Car cleaning” – Think Again. We do a lot more than this. Moreover, our experts and fully trained staff has always used the best solutions to effectively and safely maintain the appearance of your automobile. We were among the first in India to offer such car detailing services which is designed in a way that we meet the requirement of the customers pertaining to both quality and timely delivery of service.

At Shine Wash Karnal, we treat our every client as our priority client, and we assure to deliver Industry’s best cleaning and detailing solutions at reasonable rates.

We have a strong belief that our efforts will not only please you, but will definitely surprise you and will make you experience the “REVOULTION” in the cleaning Industry.

Call to Shine Wash Karnal and feel the difference in your car and get the most of it
in Just 30 minutes.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Car owners in India today primarily have two options for Car washing:-

Authorized Service and Washing Centers of Car Manufacturers 
They have large infrastructure, in terms of real estate, staff, overheads etc., and they pass on their higher costs to their customers, who have to settle for heavily overpriced services.

Independent Garages & Roadside Garages 
While the roadside garages offer cheaper services, they are highly unorganized, usually with labor that is not adequately trained on the ever-increasing and technologically advanced brands and make of cars today.

In both the cases the problem of shoddily done jobs, lack of professionalism, lack of transparency in operations is aplenty. Long wait periods to get an appointment and to get the job done at the authorized service centers are also very common. Simply – “Customers Want An Alternative …….. We Provide It”

Each and every vehicle that is cleaned by us is treated with utmost respect and care through all of our service offerings. Whether our customer requires an Shine Wash Karnal or a full valet, we can offer them the service that they require quickly and efficiently.

Shine Wash Karnal is a tribute to the cleaning industry, by Manmachine and is set to redefine the car wash business with customer satisfaction as its number one goal.

Why Anybody Who Has a Car, Need “Shine Wash Karnal

  • Location Freedom:Wash Your Car At Your Location
  • Professional Car Cleaning:Trained operators
  • Time Saving:Just in 30 minutes
  • Underbody Cleaning Without Gantry Lift:No risk of wheel misalignment
  • Touch-Less Cleaning:Scratch proof cleaning
  • Commitment To Environment:Eco friendly chemicals for cars
  • Engine Steam Wash:Without disturbing delicate engine circuitry
  • Liquid Wax (Euro Standard):Maximum long lasting shine
  • No Physical Rubbing Or Wiping On Car Body:Scratch proof cleaning
  • Well Defined Process:Ensuring quality



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